#Info Session_NA France & NEO Albania_December15

Date: 15th December 2020

Venue:  campusfranceshqiperi Platfrom

Organized By: CampusFrance &French Embassy in Albania, NEO of Albanian & NEA of France

On December 15, took place, at the 11: 00-12: 00 session of the fair “Virtual Education Salon, France-Albania 2020”, the seminar “Enhancing the collaboration between Albanian and French Higher Education Institutions”. Mrs. Elisabeth Barsacq, Ambassador of France to Albania greeted the activity which took place from 9:30 to 18:15, organized into different sessions, and gathered many different actors from the field of education who carry out activities in Albania.

The event took place on the CampusFrance platformAlbania.

In the session dedicated to Higher Education, Jean-Louis Mayonnade from the French National Agency Erasmus + and Erida Curraj from the National Erasmus + Office in Albania, presented the Erasmus + Program and introduced the innovations of the new programme, Erasmus + 2021-2027. A list of recommendations was listed for the HEIs in both Albania -France for the forthcoming Open Calls.

Magali Maire, the coordinator of the SmartAL project, shared with the audience the experience of cooperation with higher education institutions in Albania and -Being the coordinator of a project (CBHE Erasmus +) made me realize that Albania is a country full of potential- she proclaimed. Mr Maire advised French colleagues its French not to hesitate for cooperation.

During the presentation, higher education institutions in Albania and France were introduced, suggested and advised for the further steps as some suggestions are:

           1- The cooperation between the Higher Education Institutions in Albania and in France should be increased

During the Erasmus + 2014-2020 program about 100,000 euros were not used from the total budget requested by the Erasmus + Agency of France for cooperation France-Balkan countries

          2- Applications between HEIs of the two countries in different programs ICM, CBHE, Jean Monnet and Joint Master Mundus Erasmus should be increased.

The new Erasmus + 2021-2027 program will bring many simplifications and opportunities for Albanian HEIs to apply in the 4 above mentioned programs.

          3-The forthcoming project’s topics, NEO and NA suggested three main sources; a) the new Erasmus + Program main topics, b) national and regional strategies as well as c) the list of topics recommended by the ECO + that were presented at the meeting. (see presentation attached)

 The activity’s agenda:

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 The presentation: 

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Jean-Louis Mayonnade                                                             Erida Curraj                          

Programme Officer                                                                     Programme Officer

French National Agency Erasmus +                                         National Erasmus Office in Albania

Jean-Louis.Mayonnade@agence-erasmus.fr                        Erida.curraj@erasmusplus.al

eMonitoring Visit_Project_QUADIC _Dec14

Date: 14th December 2020

Venue:  TEAMS Digital Platform

Organized By: National Erasmus+ Office

On December 14, the National Erasmus + Office conducted a monitoring visit of the QUADIC Project, “Quality development    of international cooperation and project management” on the TEAMS digital platform. The QUADIC project is one of the 10 projects granted in the 2020 Call, supported by the Erasmus + programme “Capacity Building in Higher Education”.

The QUADIC project consists of 18 partners, 6 of them are Albania HEIs as: University “Fan S. Noli”, Korçë, University “Eqerem Çabej”, Gjirokastër, European University of Tirana, University “Aleksandër Mojsiu” in Durrës, University of Medicine in Tirana.

This project will build institutional capacity for the internationalization of higher education in Kosovo and Albania and will improve capacity for project development and management through international expertise made available by European higher education institutions partnering in this project and exchange of good practices between the consortium members.

The project is comprised of the following specific objectives:

  • Establish and strength existing ones thirteen (13) fully functional International Cooperation Offices in all Kosovo and Albania Consortium members and develop the ICO in the two regional Consortium Members (Kosovo and Albania).
  • Develop capacities of partner HEIS in International Cooperation development and project cycle management.
  • Develop a strategy for International Cooperation (IC) and Project Management (PM).
  • Facilitate management of international mobilities by developing operational online platform for qualitative international cooperation
  • Increase the number of international projects, mobilities and international agreements, etc.

Project website: http://quadic.net/

The Coverage and Impact Report of the #ErasmusDays 2020

December 2020

By National Erasmus+ Agency in France

#ErasmusDays created for the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Programme, have become a major European celebration of international mobility and intercultural exchange.

Erasmus+ participants, beneficiaries, alumni, organisations and National Agencies organise local events for citizens, media and policy makers to learn more about Erasmus+ and the wide range of projects it supports.

National Erasmus+ Agency in France prepared the Coverage and Impact Report of the #ErasmusDays 2020 to evaluate and greets the unprecedented success of the #ErasmusDays 2020: more than 5 000 events took place in the 84 countries that registered them on the official website, proving once again the enthusiasm and engagement of Erasmus+ players worldwide. Despite the difficult and uncertain sanitary situation, students, teachers, practitioners, volunteers, NGOs, National Erasmus+ Agencies, National Erasmus+ Offices and many more Erasmus+ players gathered to celebrate international mobility and multiculturalism.

Albania has been nominated as one of the Best Practice country; 24 activities took place during the ErasmusDays2020, many different methodologies were used: meeting face to face, blended meeting, Info session, workshop, seminars, Livestream on FB, advertisement or activities took place on televisions, video shooting and broadcasting, the big number of testimonies launched during these days etc.

The full report:

ErasmusDays 2020 – coverage and impact FRANCE


eMonitoring Visit_Project VALEU-X _Dec11

Date: 11th December 2020

Venue:  TEAMS Digital Platform

Organized By: National Erasmus+ Office

On December 11, the National Erasmus + Office conducted a monitoring visit of the VALEU-X Project, “Virtual Albanian European Universities Exchange” on the TEAMS digital platform. The VALEU-X project is one of the 10 projects granted in the 2020 Call, supported by the Erasmus + program “Capacity Building in Higher Education”.

The VALEU-X project consists of 9 partners, 6 of them are Albania HEIs as: Epoka University, European University of Tirana, University of Elbasan, University of Shkodra, University of Korça and University of Durrës. This project aims to add significant value to the teaching process in Albania by empowering academic staff with contemporary teaching competencies.

Although the project is in its first year of implementation, the impact it is creating on partner institutions due to the urgency of teaching on digital platforms has been high.

Some specific objectives of VALEU-X Prokjects are:

  • Qualification of academic staff at Albanian HEIs for innovative virtual teaching and learning settings.
  • Support Albanian HEIs in adopting and implementing effective ICT-based internationalisation at home activities and integrate Albanian HEIs in a global network for “Virtual Mobility”.
  • Qualification of administrative staff at Albanian HEIs on adopting and recognising Virtual/Blended Mobility as part of their institutional internationalisation strategy.

Further Information for the project you may find at: https://valeu-x.eu/

Meeting Albanian HEIs Coordinator CBHE_Call2020

Date: 09th December 2020

Venue:  NEO Albania Office

Organized By: National Erasmus+ Office

On December 09, at the National Erasmus Office +, NEO Staff met the new coordinators of the CBHE projects granted in the Call 2020. In this call 12 projects were granted by HEIs in Albania and 3 of them are going to be coordinated by AL HEIs: Polis University, Mediterranean University of Albania, Polytechnic University of Tirana.

The winning projects from the Higher Education Institutions in Albania in the 2020 Call of the Erasmus + Program “Capacity Development in Higher Education” are:

             1-TURUN YLIOPISTO

“Entrepreneurial skills for a modern education in Albania”

9 HEIs from Albania


“Knowledge Triangle for a Low Carbon Economy”

4 HEIs from Albania


“Economic enhancement of knowledge in the food sector strengthening the technological transfer offices in Albanian universities”

4 HEIs from Albania

            4- INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE MITROVICA “Strengthening university autonomy and increasing accountability and transparency of Western Balkans Universities”

4 HEIs from Albania


“Inclusive tertiary EDucation in the West Balkans”

7 HEIs from Albania


“Sustainable University – Enterprise Cooperation for Improving Graduate Employability”

4 HEIs from Albania

             7- UNIVERSITY OF MOSTAR

“MSc course in STEAM education – STEAMedu”

5 HEIs from Albania

             8- MEDITERRANEAN CENTER (Mediterranean University)

“University to Society Innomediaries in Albania: Co- Production of knowledge and research that matters”

9 HEIs from Albania


 “Dual Curricula – Study and Work Practice in Agriculture and Food Safety”

4 HEIs from Albania


“Development of Regional Joint Master Program in Maritime Environmental Protection and Management”

3 HEIs from Albania


“ENGineering curricula modernIsation in renewable eNergy in albania univErsities”

6 HEIs from Albania


“Educational Capacity Strengthening for Risk Management of Non-native Aquatic Species in Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro)”

More detailed information at EACEA site: https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-plus/selection-results/capacity-building-in-field-higher-education-2020_en

eMonitoring Visit_Project GEOBIZ_Dec17

Date: 17th December 2020

Venue:  TEAMS Digital Platform

Organized By: National Erasmus+ Office

On December 17, the National Erasmus + Office conducted on the TEAMS digital platform the e-monitoring visit of the GEOBIZ Project, “Business driven problem-based learning for academic excellence in geoinformatics”. The GEOBIZ project is one of the 10 projects granted in the 2020 call, supported by the Erasmus + programme “Capacity Building in Higher Education”. The main goal of the GEOBIZ project is to strengthen the capacity of academic institutions to better respond to the needs of industry in geoinformatics development in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova and Montenegro.

Project consortia is made of 18 partners and 5 associated partners. Albanian institutions are: Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology, Land & Co Ltd, Tirana and Associated partner: State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG), Tirana.

Further Information for the GEOBIZ Project you may find at: www.geobiz.eu

Student debate on the future of student’s exchange with Erasmus +.

Date: 19th November 2020

Venue: Online Meeting-Zoom platform

Organized by: SCiDEV  and ESN Tirana

On 19th November 2020 was held the event “Student debate on the future of student’s exchange with Erasmus +”. The activity was organized by two organizations: SCiDEV and ESN Tirana and motivated by National Erasmus + Office (NEO). It was an online event shared on live stream on the facebook page of SCiDEV.

Linku: https://www.facebook.com/1125276710897649/videos/729565720996679

The debate was moderated by Lutjona Lula, Erasmus Student Network of Albania, with the brilliant participants of 8 students divided in two groups: pro digital mobility and against digital mobility. 8 Students showed an high European standard of discussion, argumentation, ethics and professionalism.

Judges of this debate were: Klodian Seferaj ,Open Society Foundation for Albania , Kreshnik Loka, Regional Youth Cooperation Office, and Erida Curraj National Erasmus + office (NEO).

We encourage all students to be part of student mobility as this is definitely going to be a really important experience on their CV.

Erasmus+ Opening Minds, Changing Lifes

More info about SCiDEV: https://scidevcenter.org/

More infor about ESN Albania @esntirana

Students Debate on the Future of Erasmus+ Mobility

Join Us!

When ?  on 19 November 2020, 15:00,

Where ? Livestream at SCiDEV FB

The activity “Students Debate on the Future of Erasmus+ Mobility”, is organized by SCiDEV and ESN Tirana motivated by NEO Albania.

The discuss will be focus on the topic “Digital mobility of the future of Erasmus+ Exchange Programmes”.

There will be held a professional debate separated on two groups, each of them made of four members, bringing e European standard of discussion and ethics.

ALMARS Project Monitoring Visit_11 Nov 2020

Date: 11th November 2020

Venue:  Vlora University “Ismail Qemali”

Organized By: NEO Albania and UV


On 11th November was held at University of Vlora the monitoring event of ALMARS project, “Capacity building for Blue Growth and curriculum development of Marine Fishery in Albania”. The project is supported by Erasmus + “Capacity Building for Higher Education” programme.

The consortium is made of 10 partners, with the Albanina participation and partnership of:  Agricultural University of Tirana, University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës, Vlora University “Ismail Qemali”, Ministry of Agriculture and two business actors: Alb-Adriatico 2013 and Toplini Comp.

A project consortium with partners from Albania and Croatia intends to improve the skills of fishermen by developing a master’s degree in marine fisheries and by upgrading vocational training to provide Albanian fishermen with internationally recognized skills.

Main objectives:

  • Development of a new professional master’s degree in marine Fishery.
  • Increased cooperation between actors of Blue Growth, through development of networking platforms.
  • Maintain marine fishery training centers that offer professional training for marines that operate in fishing ships.

Project ALMARS is in its second year of implementation; you can find the report on “Analysis of the current status of marine fishery in Albania” on their website http://almars-project.eu/

TEAVET Project Final Conference_Nov 2020

Date: 10th & 11th of November 2020

Venue:  University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”

Organized by: TEAVET partners of University of Vlora & College Pavaresia Vlorë

On 10th and 1th of November 2020, was organized the final Conference of the TEAVET project at University of Vlora and College Pavaresia Vlorë . TEAVET “Developing Teacher Competencies for a Comprehensive VET System in Albania” project is supported by Erasmus+ “Capacity Building Higher Education” programme.  Its consortiums is made of 12 partners, and 9 of them are Albanian institutions as:

  1. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Albania
  2. Sports University of Tirana, Albania
  3. University of Durres Aleksander Moisiu, Albania
  4. University of Elbasan Aleksander Xhuvani, Albania
  5. University of Gjirokastra Eqrem Cabej, Albania
  6. University of Korça Fan. S. Noli, Albania
  7. University of Shkodra Luigj Gurakuqi, Albania
  8. University of Vlora Ismail Qemali
  9. University College Pavaresia Vlorë, Albania (Co-coordinator)

The aim of the project is accomplished within 3 years of the project lifespan, TEAVET project is nominated as the best practice for its impact on the academia and collaboration with the MESY and its Quality Control on Education departments.

 Coordinator of the NEO Albania, Ada Ramaj greeted the activity and highlighted the importance of TEAVET project some of its benefits are: building 16 training courses with 2 credits each, developing digital structures by support of Erasmus+ equipment’s are bough in each HE institution and establishing specialized centers of teacher training.

The activity was a blended methodology, due to COVID 19 restrictions it was organized online and in auditors, in parallel rooms. More than 200 articles were submitted, and the final booklet will be published on SBN.

Find more for TEAVET project: www.teavet.org

Find more about the TEAVET final conference: https://sites.google.com/view/teavet-final-conference/home