EduLaw Field Monitoring Visit , NEO 18 December, UT

Titulli i projektit: EduLaw “Introducing modules on laë and rights in programmes of teacher training and educational science: a contribution to building rights-based education systems incoutries in transition”

Venue: Faculty of Social Science, UT, Tiranë , Albania

Date: 18 December 2019

On December 18, 2019 was held the filed monitoring visit  of the EduLaw project “Introducing modules on law and rights in teacher training and educational science programs: a contribution to building rights-based education systems incoutries in transition” supported by the CBHE Erasmus+ programme. The Edulaw consortium is a cross region project, R1 and R2, ompund by 11 Partners and Albanina HEIs are University of Tirana and University of Durrës “Aleksandër Moisiu”.  The impact made by the project with regard to Albanian partner HEIs, which improved their academic offers by revising the contents of a wide range of postgraduate teacher formation programs and by introducing the EduLAw modules. The revision comprised three postgraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Science, the MSc in “Teaching Social Sciences”; MSc in “Education policy and leadership” and MPS in “Special and Social Pedagogy”; and seven postgraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Education, UAMD, MSc in “Supervision and management of Education Institutions”, MPS in “Didactics”,  MPS in “Primary education teaching, Grade I-VI”, MPS in “English language teaching”, MSc in “Albanian literature and language teaching”, MSc “Social sciences teaching” and MSc in “Lower secondary education teaching of linguistics and literature, Albanian and English”.

Further information about the project is provided on the project’s webpage:

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FMV K-FORCE project-18 December, UT.

Project tittle: KFORCE “Knowledge For Resilient society– K-FORCE”

Venue: Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania.

Date: 18 December 2019

On December 18, was held the field monitoring visit of the CBHE K-Force Project at University of Tirana “Knowledge for Resilient Society”. The project is co-founded by Erasmus+ programme and EU.

The project aimed to improve regional resilience to hazards and capability for regional cooperation in risk prevention and response and to ensure national professional resources and regional capacities in order to build regional-based disaster preparedness and a culture of safety and resilience at all levels according to EU Integration Strategies and National relevant strategies. The project results are the Professional Master in Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety (60 ECTS, lasts 1 year) offered by EPOKA university was accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance of Higher Education in 2019, while the Master of Science in Risk Management (120 ECTS, lasts 2 years) will start accreditation procedures in 2020, when the first cohort of students will graduate.

K-Force project is a consortium of 16 partners which include academia, research institutes, local and national authorities from eight countries. Albanian partners are University of Tirana and Epoka University.

Further information about the project is provided on the project’s webpage

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National Erasmus+ Information Day 2019

Date: 17 December 2019

Venue: Europe House, Tirana, Albania


National Erasmus+ Office in Albania with the support of the European Delegation and Europe House, organized the “2019 National Information Day”, on 17th December 2019. The activity has been devoted to present the New Call 2019 for project proposals within the European Union Erasmus+ programme which includes information and guidelines on how to apply to the following programmes: Capacity Building for Higher Education, International Credit Mobility, Erasmus+ Joint Master Degrees, Erasmus and Jean Monnet. In additional, were introduced two students network programmes under Erasmus+: ESN and WBAA.

This event introduced opportunities to benefit from the different EU programmes, along with genuine experiences from successful projects. International representative from the Erasmus+ North Macedonia National Agency took part to foster cooperation between Albanian and North Macedonia Higher Education Institutes in terms of participation to International Credit Mobility and opportunities within the Jean Monnet scheme.

By the end of the “2019 National Information Day” the participants were able to:

  • Network with different universities in North Macedonia and Albania
  • Know how to apply for the different programmes and to benefit from EU grants
  • Be aware of the national priorities and policies of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Erasmus+ National Information Day-2019

Venue: Europe House, Tirana, Albania

Date: 17th December 2019



10:00-10.30 WELCOME SPEECH
Delegation of the European Union to Albania,

Head of Operations Section

                                                                                  Lenka VITKOVA,

                   Moderator:  Programme Manager at European Commission 

                   Presentation of 10 selected Erasmus+ CBHE projects, 2019 Call

                                                                                          Xheni SINAKOLI

00.01 10 Projektet Fituese CBHE_2019
10:30-11:30 Basic features of the Erasmus+ programme Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education
National Erasmus+ Office, Elona SARACI

CBHE project application final -Call 2020

Albanian Coordinators of CBHE:
University of Art, Pjeter GURALUMI 
Polytechnic University of Tirana, Alma AFEJZOLLI

KA2.04 Bkstone _UPT
University of Durres ” Aleksander Moisiu”, Albana HALILI

KA2.03 VTech@WBUni_UAMD
Polis University, Flora KRASNIQI

KA2.05 Drive_UPOLIS

University of Tirana, Kozeta SEVRANI


Agriculture University of Tirana, Aurora HOXHA
Agriculture University of Tirana, Renata KONGOLI

European University of Tirana, Ketrina CABIRI

11:30-12:30 International Credit Mobility in Erasmus+
National Erasmus+ Office, Erida CURRAJ

KA1.01 Introduction -ICM_2020call

National Office of North Macedonia, Aleksandar BOGOJEVSKI

KA1 02 Trends in KA1 and Influence of E+

University of Tirana, Elton SKENDAJ
University of Vlora, Rezarta SINANALIAJ


University of Elbasan, Eda CELA

12:30-13:00 Presentation of Jean Monnet programme + Best Practice
   University of Vlore, Armela PANAJOTI

JM 01-A.Panajoti call2020

University of Tirana, Juliana MARKO GJINKO

JM 02 – J.MARKO case study

13:00-14:00 LUNCH
14:00-15:00 The existing possibilities within the Erasmus Mundus JMD, EM partnerships and ICM
International credit mobility for students;

                                               European University of Tirana, Ines TROSHANI 

                               02.01 ICM Case Study Students Mobility- Info Day                                            

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters;

      National Erasmus+ Office, Erida CURRAJ

                                                                JMMundus Student: Lutjona LULAJ

                                                    02.03 How to apply EJMM, Joint Master2020

Student’s experience.

02.02 Student E+experience _Arjola

02.02 Student E+experience_O.Sidorela

02.02 Student E+ experience_A.Deda

15:00- 15:30 Erasmus Student Network (ESN Tirana)
Lutjona LULA

02.04 ESN Presentation NEO Info Day

Student’s experience-Incoming students

15:30- 16:00 Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA)

                                                                                                       Klaudjo KAVAJA

                                                                      02.05 WBAA Presentation Info day

Student’s experience- Alumni Student

Pre-meeting for Erasmus+ National Info Day with Albanian Coordinators of CBHE

Date: 13 December2019

Venue: National Erasmus+ Office, Tiranë, Albania.

Today, on 13 December 2019, NEO staff and Albanian Coordinators of the CBHE programme, met at NEO office, to develop the contents of their projects dissemination and presentation granted from 2016-2019, during the National Erasmus+ Info Day, that will be organized at Europe House on 17 December 2019.  Under the KA2 action, are total 9 granted projects with Albanian HEIs as project coordinators. During “2019 Call” of CBHE programme, Albanian HEIs were grated with 10 Projects, and today there are 33 ongoing CBHE projects.

More information about the granted CBHE projects :

More information about the KA2:

HERE Annual Conference From social inclusion to skills: Pressing themes in higher education policy making

The annual conference of 2019 ‘From social inclusion to skills: Pressing themes in higher education policy making’ was organized on 12-13 December in Prague, Czech Republic

The Annual HERE conference was held have served as an important venue for tackling transversal policy themes that frame the HERE activities. As the largest HERE (Higher Education Reform Expert) event of the year, they are also a forum for more extensive networking amongst HERE of 25 countries (Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Russia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kosovo.)

Albanian HERE was represented by Prof. Bizena Bijo, Prof. Fatmira Shehu, Prof.Asoc.Elvira Fetahu.

For more information you can find:

National Erasmus+ Info Day at “Good Morning Albania”

National Erasmus+ Info Day at “Good Morning Albania”

Date: December 12, 2019

Venue: RTSH 1 HD at “Mirëmëngjes Shqipëri”

On Decmeber 12 2019, at the morning show “Good Morning Albania” (Mirëmëgjesi Shqipëri) with moderator Blerina Shehu were invited Erida Curraj from National Erasmus+ Office, Elton Skëndaj from University of Tirana, Fatmir Guri from Agriculture University of Tirana, Flora Krasniqi from Polis University. Where they briefed and talked about the “National Erasmus + Information Day” to be held on 17 December 2019.

The wider audience was informed about the Erasmus + programmes, opportunities that young people, students, and Higher Education actors have under this program. Evidence from the three universities that were invited was shared on the program, “International Credit Mobility”, Joint Master Mundus”, “Capacity Building for HE” as well as “Jean Monnet”. NEO Albania invited for more information to participate in this activity, attending at the premises of Europe House from 9:30 to 16:00.

For further information:


Postpone Activity, FEB 2020

Date: 16 December 2019

Time:  09:30 – 16:00

Venue: Polytechnic University (Hall – University Library)


The “Joint Masters” program has been established since the Bologna Declaration with the Prague Communication and nowadays European universities increasingly offer joint programs as an important tool in internationalization and cooperation within the European Education Area.


The national seminar aims to inform, stimulate reflection and debate among lecturers, experts, public officials, on the latest developments of the “Joint Master” program in the Albanian framework.

The event is expected to bring together more than 100 representatives from the country’s universities, various ministries, public agencies operating in higher education, Albanian and EU experts, etc.


Warmly Welcome!

HERE Study Visit Inclusive mobility: from good intentions to measurable outcomes

Date:21-22 November 2019

Venue: Vrije Universitat Brussel (VUB), Belgium

Organized: SPHERE, Hosted by Vrije Universitat Brussel (VUB), Belgium

This HERE study visit used a system approach, demonstrating how Flanders and Flemish universities are strategising and tackling the topic of inclusion in internationalisation and mobility.

The study visit also was an occasion to discuss current EU priorities for inclusion and mobility, how they are reflected in EU programmes, and the results of a SPHERE study that has been commissioned to assess how Partner countries are reacting/ adapting to this.

The event addresses all HERE, at all levels of knowledge and experience regarding the topic:  university leadership, teaching staff and students and, given that this event would address the policy and system perspective, also ministry representatives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Become aware and understand better social inclusion in higher education, and how it can be related to national and institutional policy and action in the area of internationalisation and mobility
  • Understand the process of defining and implementing university strategies for supporting inclusiveness in mobility, and the related structures and approaches needed to implement it (data collection, QA, student diversity offices, etc).
  • Be able to contribute to the development and implementation of policies and actions for inclusive mobility and internationalisation, considering work at institutional, national and Bologna Process levels.
  • Better promote and use the opportunities offered under the current EU and national mobility programmes and their insistence on inclusion and mobility and contribute to making them more inclusive.

More information about the activity available at:

More information about the activity’s report available at:

Filed Monitoirng Visit of “SmartAL” project, NEO 20 November, EUT

Project Title: Master In European Innovations for a Sustainable Management of Albanian Territories, Rural Areas and Agriculture: Instruments, Policies, Strategies- SmartAL

Venue: European University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

Date: 20 November 2019

On 20 November 2019, at European University of Tirana was held Field monitoring Visit of the project  Master In European Innovations for a Sustainable Management of Albanian Territories, Rural Areas and Agriculture: Instruments, Policies, Strategies- SmartAL

The project wider objective is to address the new identified job market needs induced by the new and forthcoming public policies in Albania.

During the first two years of the project, is achieved the development of the 9 teaching modules. Moreover, 10 Albanian lecturers successfully implemented 2-4 weeks mobilities in EU universities, which were used for co-development of the content of 8 modules and also for improving their theoretical knowledge in areas related to the specific module they will teach. 

Albanian Universities are programming that during December 2019, will develop and license 3rd cycle Executive Master Programmes and that AUT partner will be able to submit the application for lunching the Executive Master Programme in “Territorial management and European policies”.                                                                 

The consortium  is made of 8 partners, three of them are albanian HEIs: Agriculture University of Tirana, European University of Tirana and University of Korça “Fan Noli”.

Further information  you can find at the project website:

Furnter information about the CBHE projects you can find at :

Filed Monitoirng Visit of “euroPS” project, NEO 20 November, EUT

Project Title: Curriculum Development joint European Political Science MA – euroPS

Venue: European University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

Date: 20 November 2019

On 20 November 2019, at European University of Tirana was held Field monitoring Visit of the project  Curriculum Development joint European Political Science MA – euroPS

The project, within three years of its implementation has successfully achieved its main aim at implementing a multilateral Joint/Multiple Degree (JD) for Political Science on the MA level (120 ECTS) with diploma supplement for all participating partners on a European standard. As modernization and Europeanization project it will support reflecting and enhancing standards at European Union partners and Western Balkan partners and intensify regular academic exchange of good practice and sustainable networking between EU-WB partners but especially between WB.

The project impact is wide in term of provided tools as: the provision and utilisation of the E-Library subscriptions, anti-plagiarism tools and IT equipment support had in the improving teaching and learning environment in both Albanian Universities

The level of Albanian enrolment students to PoSIG joint master are19 Albanian students that are benefiting from the knowledge, competences, internships and opportunities for cultural exchange it provides.

Further information  you can find at the project website:


Furnter information about the CBHE projects you can find at :