Student debate on the future of student’s exchange with Erasmus +.

Date: 19th November 2020

Venue: Online Meeting-Zoom platform

Organized by: SCiDEV  and ESN Tirana

On 19th November 2020 was held the event “Student debate on the future of student’s exchange with Erasmus +”. The activity was organized by two organizations: SCiDEV and ESN Tirana and motivated by National Erasmus + Office (NEO). It was an online event shared on live stream on the facebook page of SCiDEV.


The debate was moderated by Lutjona Lula, Erasmus Student Network of Albania, with the brilliant participants of 8 students divided in two groups: pro digital mobility and against digital mobility. 8 Students showed an high European standard of discussion, argumentation, ethics and professionalism.

Judges of this debate were: Klodian Seferaj ,Open Society Foundation for Albania , Kreshnik Loka, Regional Youth Cooperation Office, and Erida Curraj National Erasmus + office (NEO).

We encourage all students to be part of student mobility as this is definitely going to be a really important experience on their CV.

Erasmus+ Opening Minds, Changing Lifes

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