Which is Erasmus+ Office?

Starting from 2014, National Tempus Offices were transformed into National Erasmus+ Offices (NEO). They will continue to carry out the same functions and duties as for Tempus programme, but enlarging their focus also on other Erasmus+ programmes to which Albania will be eligible to apply.
Erasmus+ Office functions autonomously, representing the European Commission interests and it comprises a reference centre for all higher education stakeholders, potential applicants, beneficiaries and all other parties concerned with regard to Erasmus+ activities in the field of Higher Education. Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) support its functioning.
Erasmus+ Office plays an important role for promotion and advice on applications in the framework of Erasmus+ programme.

The role of Erasmus+ Office?

Among others, Erasmus+ Office exercises the following functions:

  • It processes, promotes and distributes the information and documentation of Erasmus+ Programme to all Higher Education Institutions (HEI);
  • It advises, informs and helps all persons concerned on how to apply to Erasmus+ projects;
  • It carries out the monitoring and implementation of Tempus projects, which are still running;
  • It supports and coordinates activities of national group of Higher Education Reform Experts, HERE, who have an advisory and supporting role in achievement of Erasmus+ programme objectives;
  • It contributes to assessment of projects that will be submitted in the framework of “Capacity Building of Higher Education” component in Erasmus+ (ex-Tempus projects);

Erasmus+ Office Staff 

Edit Dibra

Local Coordinator of Erasmus+ Office

Edit Dibra was born in Tirana, on 03 September 1977. She is married and she has three children, Melvi, Frank and Ameli. She graduated from general high school “Sami Frashëri” in Tirana, later she completed higher studies in French Language and Literature in Tunisia and Master for Literature in Tirana University. She specialized in Public Administration School (l’ENA) in France on public administration where she received a diploma with the evaluation “Magna Cum Laude”, while she conducted her professional practice in Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Paris.
Mrs. Edit Dibra started her career in Ministry of Education and Science of Albania since 2002. During the years 2002-2010, she gave her contribution in various fields of education, as higher education, recognition of diplomas, external relations and international projects, analysis of educational policies and strategic planning and pre-university education inspection. In January 2011, Edit Dibra started the work as a Local Coordinator of Tempus Office for Albania, today Erasmus+ Office, the head of which she is currently. Mrs. Dibra has a rich activity not only in the field of education but also in the field of translations bringing to Albania more than 20 titles from world fiction literature. In 2005, she was awarded with the prize of Association of Albanian Publishers, as “The Best Translator of the Year”. She knows and she speaks fluently French, English and Italian.

Elona Saraci


Elona Saraçi was born in Tirana in 1972. She graduated from the general high school “Sami Frashëri” in Tirana and later she completed higher studies in Physics in Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tirana University, where she graduated in 1994.Elona carried out further post-university studies for Optics (specialization in Holography), in Sardinia, Italy in 1998. During the years 2009-2010, Elona Saraçi completed Master Studies in the field of “Business Administration” in Economics Faculty in Tirana University.Elona is the oldest member of Tempus Office since 1999. She covered various issues related to programme implementation in years, from which to be mentioned is her contribution for coordination of IMGs (Individual Mobility Grants), HEREs, etc. She knows English and Italian.


Oltion Pengu


Oltion Pengu was born in Tirana, in 1986. He graduated from the “Harry T.Fultz” technical institute and later majored in Law near the University of Tirana. In 2011 he completed post-university studies in Public Law. His professional experience comprised working in the public sector and private consultancy on donor coordination issues, international projects, public policy planning and monitoring, law, media and communication. Also, he has had experience in teaching at the university level.  Oltion speaks fluently English and Italian.