HERE Team Composition

The Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) in Albania.

The Albanian Higher Education Reform Expert Team provides expertise in promoting and enhancing the progress, as well as the development of Higher Education policies and reforms in Albania. The HERE Team is selected and appointed by the Ministry of Education and Sports in consultation with the European Commission services.

The current Albanian HERE Team is composed as follows: LINK

HERE Mission and Responsabilities

Albanian HEREs mission:

– HEREs support policy development in Albania through the modernisation of reform processes and strategies in Higher Education, in close cooperation with pertinent local authorities.

– HEREs support policy dialogue with the EU in the field of Higher Education, in synergy and coordination with the various policy platforms established under the Erasmus+ programme or other potential initiatives established by, and under the guidance of the European Commission.

– HEREs support Erasmus+ and former EU programmes projects by disseminating their results and outcomes, notably best practices and innovative initiatives and exploiting them for modernisation and development purposes.

Albanian HEREs main responsibilities:

– HEREs participate in international activities that are organized specifically for them by the European Commission. These activities are divided in: thematic seminars, study tours, international conferences;

– HEREs have the obligation to disseminate the experience acquired in an institutional level and in national seminars, organized in Albania, with the support of Erasmus+ Office;

– HEREs make presentations in national seminars planned by them;

– HEREs play active roles as experts or as moderators in international activities where this is required;

– HEREs are involved and recruited for different duties in the framework of missions of technical assistance, preparation of studies, publications;

– HEREs are involved in (national) working groups for drafting of strategic documents, improvement of legal grounds, etc;

– HEREs pronounce in written media and TV with regard to Higher Education issues and policies;


Albanian Erasmus + Office main responsibilities with regard to the HERE team:

– The Albanian Erasmus+ Office coordinates and facilitates HEREs work in Albania, as well as their participation in different regional or international activities;

– Albanian Erasmus+ Office in cooperation with the HERE team drafts their annual working program and monitors their activities;

– The Albanian Erasmus+ Office prepares the reports on activities conducted by HEREs for the Executive Agency in Brussels.


– HEREs reports and publications: