Albanian Erasmus+ Office in cooperation with National Experts for the Reform of Higher Education – HERE, will organize the seminar on: “Supporting the efforts to strengthen the social dimension of Albanian Higher Education”, which will be hosted by RTSH 1- HD through the show “Auditor Arsimi”, on 4 July 2020,  at 16.35-18.00

The show will be moderated by Ms. Edlira Birko- Journalist of “Auditor Arsimi” on RTSh.

The main objectives of this seminar would be:

  • Information on the Bologna process, policies and goals regarding the social dimension;
  • Collection and processing of data for students;
  • Strengthening support for student admission from underrepresented groups;
  • Increasing academic and financial support for students, taking into account the aspect of the SD;
  • Design and implement strategies and policies based on the social dimension and preparing students as citizens of the society;
  • Increasing support for student mobility and for entering into the job market;
  • Reflection of the social dimension in the Quality Code and its implementation;
  • Familiarity with institutional strategies for the implementation of the social dimension.

We kindly invite the TV audience, mainly the academic staff of HEIs engaged in the strategic plan, to attend the transmission of the show ‘Auditor Arsimi, on 4th of July 2020, at 1635 – 1800!