On May 24, 2019, in the premises of the Rectorate building of “Fan Noli” University, Korça has been organized seminar “Reforming Study Programs: Preparation of Academic Standards”. The activity is in the framework of the capacity building of High Education, in the preparation of academic standards, in accordance with the bylaws and the Bologna process. The seminar had a wide audience of lecturers, the V/Rector of the University of Korça and coordinators of study programs.

The objectives of the activity are: (a) To transfer knowledge of the elements of academic standards in two important areas: Teaching and Engineering, (b) Building capacity for real implementation of academic standards in the design, review and improvement of study programs. (c) Present good practices for strengthening the practical skills of students with a focus on Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. The seminar served, in addition to the expected results, of transferring experience in the design, review and reorganization of study programs, in accordance with the requirements of the AL Law and related sub-legal acts.

Awareness of academic staff and management structures to build real processes of review and / or reorganization of study programs as well as capacity building to better understand the quality code requirements in relation to study programs

A particular focus was given to student growth and support and the involvement of all social partners, especially local government and business community.


The activity of May 24, continued with the First International Conference on Research Applications and Educational Methods (RAEM). The conference was intended to focus on the main problems that universities have in the country and abroad with regard to the implementation of scientific research and methods of education. The Team of  higher education reform experts introduced case studies in engineering and biology programs.