In Programme Countries

National Erasmus+ Agencies

Erasmus+ Programme is managed by National Agencies for 28 countries of the European Union, plus Island, Lichtenstein, Norway, FYROM, Turkey and Serbia, which are, which are differently called Programme Countries. You can find the contacts of National Agencies as follows:

In Partner Countries

National Erasmus+ Offices

 National Erasmus+ Offices (NEOs) assist the European Commission and local authorities in the implementation of Erasmus+ in certain Partner Countries.

These countries are located in the Western Balkans, the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean, Central Asia and Russia. National Offices are providing information on Erasmus+, monitoring and evaluating funded projects, assisting applicants and participants, supporting policy dialogue and maintaining contact with local authorities and EU Delegations are among the responsibilities of the NEOs. The list of National Erasmus+ Offices is available on the website of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency, link: