KA1. Mobility (LEARNING MOBILITY): Includes the exchange of students, lecturers and administrative staff.  It represents approximately 63% of the total budget.

Credit Mobility

Capacity Building Projects In the field of Credit Mobility, Higher Education Institutions from programme countries will be able to submit an application to manage a mobility project for higher education students, PhD candidates and staff. The Programme-Country institution will submit this to the National Agency for Erasmus+ of their country. Albanian Universities will have to be ONLY a partner in a credit mobility agreement submitted by a Programme-Country Higher Education Institution to its National Agency.


Degree Mobility

Currently, the call is open only to the creation of consortia that offer Joint Master Degree. For a Joint Master Degree, higher education institutions from programme countries will be able to submit an application to manage a consortium, offering a full international study programme, lasting between one and two years. The programme is offered by a consortium of Higher Education Institutions from programme and – optionally – partner countries. Only a Higher Education Institution established in one of the Programme Countries may submit an application on behalf of the consortium which delivers the degree programme. Higher Education Institutions established in a Programme Country must hold a valid Erasmus Charter, an ECHE is not required for participating Higher Education Institutions in Partner Countries