Date: March 25-26 2019

Venue: Vrieje University of VU Amsterdam, NL

Organize: SPHERE and Vrieje Universiteit VU Amsterdam, NL

 HERE Study Visit “Social Inclusion: University policies and practices” was held on March 25-26 2019, at Vrieje Universiteit VU Amsterdam, NL.

This HERE study visit showcased how the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) in the Netherlands addresses social inclusion and tackles the issues of access and retention. The visit was interactive, engaging different staff members and students from the institution and also provided the national perspective.

The topic of the study visit is particularly relevant in view of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Goal 4, on Quality Education, and also in the context of the Bologna Process, which contributes to monitoring inclusion policies in 48 participating countries, and to setting common development goals. Many HERE have suggested that higher education inclusion needs more attention at their institutions and systems.

Prof.  F. Shehu and Prof. A. Paparisto, members of the HERE Albania attended at HERE study visit.

The event has been centered on the questions:

  • What are the university’s main activities for social inclusion, in terms of target groups and their specific challenges? What are the successes, prevailing challenges and lessons learnt regarding access & retention, ensuring study success/integrating diverse students on campus and in the classroom and learning & teaching diverse classrooms?
  • How has the strategy for inclusion been developed? What was the process, who was involved? How does it respond to the environment/context of the university and of society, and how does it relate to the national framework?
  • What are the structures and instruments that support inclusion? How do data collection, QA etc. contribute?
  • What does this mean for staff (training and staffing policies/HR)?
  • What are the links to the institution’s research, and also to other strategic priority areas (internationalisation, outreach/third missions etc.?

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