The European Commission shared the regional comparative data for applications in Erasmus + actions received through the 2017 calls. Based on such data, the Albanian Higher Education Institutions have made a positive step and increased the number of applications in Erasmus + opportunities. In the 2017 call in the Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education action, there were 13 projects submitted by an Albanian university applicant and 52 projects submitted with an Albanian university engaged as partner. Overall, Albania is the 2nd most successful country in the region for number of applications submitted, trailing only Serbia and leaving behind Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro.  Moreover, in the 2017 call in the Erasmus + Jean Monnet action there were 11 applications submitted by Albanian HEI’s, marking progressive grow compared to the 6 applications and 3 applications submitted in the respective 2016 and 2015 calls for this action