With funds left over from the first round of applications for international credit mobility, 11 National Agencies have chosen to open a second round of applications for the Western Balkans under the 2016 call for International Credit Mobility. The total available budget is of EUR 3.3 million, which will fund approximately 820 additional mobilities to and from the Western Balkans.


The second round of applications will close on 15 September 2016 at 12:00 noon  (Brussels time).


Any higher education institution is eligible to be part of a project application, including those that have already secured funding for a given project, or those that did not apply or were unsuccessful in securing funding for the first round of applications.


Please find the link to the announcement on the Erasmus+ website:




The exact amounts available for the Western Balkan region per Programme Country are listed in the table below:


Programme Country Total available
Belgium €           513,769
Cyprus €           104,571
Denmark €           276,074
Estonia €             93,550
FYROM €               3,663
Iceland €             74,557
Ireland €            250,000
Latvia €               9,138
Malta €             54,510
Netherlands €           664,402
United Kingdom €         1,498,008