The Albanian Erasmus+ Office and the Polytechnic University of Tirana are pleased to invite you to the “Information meeting on Erasmus +”, to be held on May 24th, 2016, 12:00-14:00 hours, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning premises.

This event will serve to present the Erasmus + programme current possibilities for Albanian Higher Education Institutions and students, while providing detailed presentations on its key components, such as:


KA 1 International Credit mobility;

Albanian Higher Education Institutions can sign a credit mobility agreement with universities from Erasmus + programme countries. Such agreements comprise the possibility of implementing mobilities of students and staff which are financially supported by the EU. The mobility period ranges from 3-12 months for students and 5 days – 2 months for the academic and administrative staff. Short term mobilities will be implemented in different languages, based on those in use at the host university.


– KA2Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education”, or former Tempus projects, including a Special Mobility Strand for students and staff;

Capacity Building projects succeed former Tempus projects. Through such projects, the Albanian universities can support the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of their institutions, train their staff, improve their lab facilities etc.

Capacity Building projects may include a Special Mobility Strand addressed either to students or staff from Albania (3-12 months for students, 3-12 months for practice, and 5 days – 2 months for the academic and administrative staff).


– Jean Monnet programme;

The Jean Monnet programme supports initiatives dedicated to the European integration of Albania, in all possible teaching fields and disciplines, such as academic modules, advocacy events, etc.


– Joint Master Degree Scholarships;

Joint Master Degrees are offered by a consortium of Higher Education Institutions from EU countries. They award a joint diploma after the completion of a study programme implemented in two or more European HEIs. Albanian students can apply directly to earn the scholarship for the Joint Master or Joint PHD programmes.

This event will also serve to discuss some key points for the preparation of successful project proposals in Erasmus +.


We welcome your participation to the “Information meeting on Erasmus +”.