The Albanian Erasmus + Office in cooperation with the Albanian HERE team (Higher Education Reform Experts), and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Sports organized on June 16, 2015 at the premises of University “Aleksandër Xhuvani” in Elbasan, the national seminar on “Raising capacities of Albanian universities for internal governance”.

This event brought together academic staff members from universities in Tirana, Elbasan, Shkodra, Korca, Gjirokatra, Durres, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education and Sports. The seminar covered the current governing challenges in universities, from the institutional to the department level, as well as changes brought by the Reform and the New Law of Higher Education in Albania.

In this activity, the lectors introduced and discussed some of the main successful models of university governance in European developed countries, as well as covered the principal aspects of department’s internal organisation.

Subsequently, the seminar conclusions structured in the form of recommendations document will feed the drafting process of the bylaws.
The seminar benefited from the inputs of the international expert Mr. Stephen Hagen, Professor Emeritus, Deputy Dean for Management and Governance in the National Research Centre in Saint Petersburg, Deputy Chancellor of the University of Wales, Director for Research, Business and Innovation in the University of Bristol Etc

Prof Anila Paparisto-Prezantim mbi projektligjin e ALKSH dhe qeverisja

Prof Flamur Bidaj-Current Situation of the Albanian HEIs Governance

Prof Sephen Hagen-Governance Models of European Universities

Prof Sephen Hagen-What drives change in universities