Dear visitors,

The ErasmusDays initiative, which aims to highlight the enormous positive impact of the Erasmus + Program at the same time in all the countries of the world that are legitimate for participation in the Program, is yet to be held.

The purpose of the event is to present the European values, the benefits of educational mobility, the positive impact of project results and the importance of the Erasmus + Program within a few predefined days so as to be visible and accessible to citizens, businesses, the media and the responsible for the shaping of policies in the sphere.

The initiative was a huge success in 2018 when 1435 events were held in 39 European countries on 12 and 13 October, bringing nearly 116 million citizens from and outside Europe. Events were organized in over 740 settlements in different parts of the world, highlighting the benefits and results of implemented project activities in all educational sectors.

Following this success, it was decided to conduct Erasmus Days and in 2019, on 10, 11 and 12 October.

How to get involved:

  • All current and previous Erasmus + beneficiaries are encouraged to demonstrate the results and impact of their project implementation by organizing a voluntary event (seminar, partner meeting, exhibition, etc.). The event should be registered on the official website of initiative , which will be officially opened on 9 May 2019. Each registered event will be reflected on the website and will be visible on the Global Map of the initiative.
  • Each of the ten million previous and current participants / end-users in the different activities of the Program (students, students, teachers, youth workers, etc.) are encouraged to share their Erasmus + stories on social networks with a hash # ErasmusDays

Anyone wishing to organize an event on a voluntary basis on 10, 11 or 12 October 2019 could have done so by registering it on the official page of the initiative after 9 May 2019, but no later than October 9, 2019

For the visual layout of events / sharing of information on social networks, please use the attached information material .