Date: 31st May, 2019

Location: “Ismail Qemali” University of Vlora.  

Organized: Albanian National Office of Erasmus+, TEAVET, MARDS



On 31st May, 2019, the staff of National Erasmus+ Office conducted impact field monitoring mission to the CBHE funded project “Developing Teacher Competencies for a Comprehensive Vet System in Albania” (TEAVET) and advisory monitoring visit to the CBHE project “Reforming doctoral studies in Montenegro and Albania – good practice paradigm” (MARDS). Both projects have a great structural importance and the Ministry of Education is one of their patrons. The aim of the visit was to learn about the project outcomes realized and their impact and sustainability prospects with a focus on capacity building and quality of teaching.

The visit consisted of project reports and advancements according to the logistic, budget and management plan, scheduled in the project as well as the difficulties encountered until now. Erasmus + staff provides solutions, advices and guidance for next steps.