EMaCS is a tailor-made program for graduates worldwide, especially those with backgrounds in computer science, information and communication technology, electronics, telecommunications, software engineering, or media technology. Candidates with unrelated degrees are also welcome, provided they have completed courses in key areas such as programming, data structures and algorithms, software engineering, operating systems, or computer networks. This highly practical master’s degree is designed to offer hands-on experience through specific laboratory work subjects and optional internship periods. It provides opportunities for students to pursue professional, research-oriented, and educational (doctorate) paths across five distinct topics related to Industry 5.0, with each partner university specializing in a specific discipline:

  • Operational and Business Intelligence – UBU
  • Autonomous and Intelligent Systems – HAW
  • Cybersecure Systems – Turku UAS
  • Cloud and Edge Computing – UVT
  • Big Data Analytics – IPC

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact emacs.erasmus.mundus@ubu.es and/or visit the website of EMaCS.