‘Contact Seminar in WB’ jointly organized by French Agency Erasmus+, French Embassy in Tirana and Albanian Erasmus+ Office during 22-23 November 2022.


‘Contact Seminar in Western Balkan’ was held on 22-23rd of November 2022, in Freedom Building in Tirana. The Seminar was jointly organized by French Agency Erasmus+, French Embassy in Tirana and Albanian Erasmus+ Office.

In this event there were many participants from French HEIs, Albanian HEIs and other local  stakeholders and from the region HEIs, also.

The event was opened by greetings speech delivered by the Ambassador of French Embassy in Tirana and Vice Rector of Tirana University. Afterwards, a musical and dance show was performed by Academy of Arts Tirana’s students. The opening session was moderated by Mrs. Ada Ramaj, the Albanian Erasmus+ coordinator.

The speech on ‘The agenda and challenges of the Western Balkans region for European Union’ was delivered by representative from DG EAC, Unit 3-International Cooperation.

The activity was followed up by ‘Overview of the challenges and opportunities of university cooperation in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro’ delivered by Albanian Erasmus+ Coordinator and Montenegro Erasmus+ Coordinator.

The Erasmus+ opportunities were presented by two representatives of Erasmus+ French Agency, while as the ‘France’s aid schemes’ was presented by the French officer from ‘Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’.

After the first break, the participants continued by bilateral meetings with both French HEIs and WB HEIs meetings, as well.

The second day of the seminar was opened by the presentation on ICM activity held by French Erasmus+ Agency representatives. Afterwards the coordinator of CBHE project ‘ Smart-AL’ from Institut Agronomique Méditerranéen de Montpellier presented the implementation of this project in Albania, the challenges and outcomes of it, the cooperation between Albanian and French HEIs within the project framework and what they were thinking about to have as a follow up of this project. After that, several France alumni greeted the seminar by online participation.

After these presentations, the seminar was followed up by ‘Networking’ meetings and was closed by some short conclusions on the future cooperation between French and WB partners.