We are pleased to invite you to the communication and dissemination event titled “MASTED and the importance of the STEAM approach for education of the 21st century”, that we will celebrate next April 25, 2023 at 10:30 CEST.

Below you will find the specific information about it.




Half an hour




It is aimed to researchers, managers and teaching professionals regardless of the educational field: formal education (all levels); adult education; scientific dissemination; educational planning and management (local, ministerial,…);… In essence, people interested in the interdisciplinary educational approach of integrated STEAM and its contribution to the development of a society with a greater response and adaptation capacity for present and future challenges.


In today´s world, the social, economic, labour and environmental issues faced by humans have achieved enormous complexity as they progress with unprecedented speed and variability. The tools that once made it possible to mitigate or solve these problems have quickly become partially obsolete, prompting the search for creative and innovative alternatives that are much more dynamic and flexible. A critical and competent citizenship is needed now more than ever in our highly specialized and technologized world.

MASTED is a two-year multilingual and international master’s degree committed to change educational systems by means of the qualification of education professionals, capable to train citizens through integrated approaches, for facing and solving global challenges through knowledge of new methodologies and digital tools for introducing integrated STEAM education from kindergarten to adult education.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us through masted.erasmus.mundus@ubu.es and/or visit the website of MASTED.