The ESNsurvey project aims to improve access and quality of student mobility through the collection of relevant student data, with a special focus on the monitoring of the Erasmus+ programme. This edition is the most comprehensive one to date, with different paths for exchange students, full-degree students and non-mobile students.


The questionnaire has also considered key priorities related to Higher Education policies at the European level, such as the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme, or the European Universities initiative.


The name of this year’s edition is “Making Quality Mobility a Reality for All”, since the survey has a strong focus on widening participation in student mobility and improving the quality of the experience for all students.

Link to the ESNsurvey

This edition of the ESNsurvey is the most ambitious one to date, and it has a number of key features we would like to highlight:

  • Implementation of the Erasmus+ programme 21/27 and key aspects of the European Strategy for Universities. The survey has a number of questions on the implementation of Erasmus+ priorities, their perception of key aspects related to the European University alliances, and questions on the use of Erasmus+ tools and processes.
  • Special focus on the ECHE and Erasmus Student Charter: the survey includes a number of questions directly connected with the recently launched monitoring guide and its pressure points.
  • Three target groups: 
    • Exchange students who participated in Erasmus+ or any other type of exchange since August 2021
    • Full-degree international students/recent graduates 
    • Non-mobile students 

The questionnaire has three tracks, one connected to each target group. The track for non-mobile students focuses on their perceptions of internationalisation and student mobility and seeks to better understand the barriers faced by non-mobile students and potential push factors. The track for degree-seeking international students will allow us to compare their perceptions to the ones of exchange students, and gain relevant information for the discussions around the European degree and the attractiveness of European Universities.

Thanks to the collaborations with Eurail and Flixbus, we will give out 10 Interrail Global passes10 Flixbus return tickets and 4 Amazon vouchers for 50 Euros among respondents.

We plan to publish the initial results at the beginning of September and work to finalise the publication of the report by the end of 2023.