DG EAC has recently published the list of Partner-Country Universities taking part in Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility projects selected in the first round of the 2015 Call for Proposals.

Below you can find attached:


– The list of Partner-Country Universities (comprising Albania’s HEIs), taking part in the 2015 credit mobility projects together with the name of their European partners in Programme Countries.*

* Its worth noting that this list is neither exhaustive nor perfectly accurate. Due to an inability to extract the data automatically from the application forms, it was provided by each individual National Agency, based on the partnerships, initially requested in the application form by the European universities. Since application, some of these partnerships may not have been implemented. In addition some variations in the spelling of institutions are evident.

** The projects that are currently being selected under the second round of applications in the 2015 Call are not included in this list.

–  A list with a breakdown of planned numbers of individual mobilities per Partner Country, under projects selected to date.

– A general factsheet on the current results of the 2015 Call for International Credit Mobility.

ICM 2015 Round 1 Full list of projects

ICM 2015 Participant Summary

ICM 2015 Factsheet