On 4-5 April 2024, Erasmus+ Office in cooperation with National HERE team organized
national HERE Seminar: ‘HEI-Business partnerships as drivers for economic development in
Albania’, in the premises of Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana.
The aim of the two days seminar was to create innovative and possibly fully integrated study
programs in the enterprise, to adapt as much as possible to the professional skills training
programs required by the labor market and the creation of future experts, being as close as
possible to the enterprise/business.

> When building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, the main actors need to be collaborative
and inclusive.
> The first ground that needs to be established is that entrepreneurial ecosystem cannot be
built in one day. All policymakers have to be sensible.
> Students have to be educated about the entrepreneurial environment and strategies, so
that they can be successful entrepreneurs in the future, aiding in the economic
development of the country.
> HEI-Business partnerships is a great perspective for students to explore diverse career
pathways and create network.
> Internships offered by businesses have to be paid so that students are motivated and eager
to work and develop professionally.
> HEI-Business partnerships put at practice all the theory that students learn during the
higher education studies.
> HEI educators should start to teach their students how to put things into practice. There is
a need for reformation of curricula.
> Micro-credentials should be implemented as soon as possible in HE in Albania. This will
help develop professionals qualified in different fields and consequently will aid
economic development of the country.
> The educational background does not deprive someone from being a successful
entrepreneur. Alumni of the Faculty of Foreign Languages are nowadays very successful
entrepreneurs in the business industry.
> There is a need to create an entrepreneurial culture in Albania as it is in developed
> The main actors have to be connected for building an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Someone that acts as an isolated actor will be affected back by the ecosystem itself.
> Incubators need to be built within universities and it is crucial for the incubators to be
used properly.
> Businesses call for collaboration with universities in order to spread the network of their
business, hire professionals fresh from the university classrooms and improve the
services offered.Besides the involvement of entrepreneurial studies, every student graduating from
university, should have acquired at least two foreign languages.
> The educational system should be constructed in order to help students find out if they
are the adequate people for being entrepreneurs.

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